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New Blog


Chanla Frederickson

Summer is here 🌞 , and that sun is shining bright for us! I get a lot of messages and emails asking about sunscreen & summer skin tips so I thought I would put together a few tips for you!

SUNSCREEN.. major topic here! When looking for a sunscreen, you’ll want to look for these active ingredients: zinc oxide and titanium oxide. These are considered physical sun screens and they physically block harmful sun rays from getting absorbed into your skin. You should also gravitate towards creams that are fragrance-free.

Make sure to grab a specific sunscreen for your face. Your skin on your body and face are completely different which is why you need to separate the two. The sunscreen you use on your body may cause your face to breakout or react. Typically anything made for the face is a thinner consistency making it easier to blend and remove.

Remember to reapply. If you can’t reapply your face sunscreen, grab a pressed powder with SPF built into it and apply it over your makeup.

SUNGLASSES.. wear those cute big sunnies to protect your eyes from sun damage. You can find some cheap pairs at Five Below if you lose or break them on a regular basis (guilty!;). They are only $5 each! I like to keep a pair in my car at all times and another in my purse so I always have them on hand. Other places you can find them: Target (just another thing to add to the run!), Department Stores, Drugstores, online, local boutiques, eye care provider (see if your insurance covers them).

HATS.. remember to go out with a hat! Whether it’s baseball cap (GO CUBS) or a cute sun hat, you’ll want to protect your scalp and a portion of your face. Most people don’t reapply sunscreen to their skin like the FDA recommends, so wearing a hat will help cover from the harmful rays.

PROTECTIVE CLOTHING.. there are many lightweight fabrics out there which can provide protection from the sun. You can also buy UV resistant clothing at stores or online.

So you didn’t take all the steps to protect your skin and you’re sunburnt.. oops! What now? It happens. Now your skin is in need of healing. Aloe Vera works wonders on burnt skin. Do you have an aloe plant? If so, get some of that truly natural goodness and gently apply it to your burnt areas. If you don’t have an aloe plant, head to the aid or sunscreen section of your store. Look for an aloe gel that is dye-free and fragrance-free. Your delicate skin does not need dyes or fragrances in it while it is so vulnerable! After you’re done applying, just relax and watch your body transform. Don’t peel your skin and follow these tips to prevent sunburn from happening again.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer! Summer is our favorite season of the year. I love havng coffee outside on my porch in the mornings, What have been some things you’ve been up to? Tell me below in the comments!