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coconut cleansing milk


If you have any questions about product recommendation, please e-mail me with your specific skin concerns so I can help you by creating a personalized beauty ritual I believe will be best for your skin. Thank you so very much, I look forward to connecting with you. <3

- Chanla

coconut cleansing milk


coconut cleansing milk


Gently cleanse your skin everyday without harmful ingredients.

Our Coconut Cleansing Milk is an everyday cleanser formulated without the toxins. It is made with gentle plant ingredients providing your skin with a creamy & gentle cleanse. Coconut milk softens and soothes skin while banana and pineapple enzymes remove surface impurities. This powder cleanser becomes turns into a beautiful creamy milk cleanser when it is activated with a few drops of water with each use. 


coconut milk powder: known for its soothing, skin softening and nourishing properties.

banana fruit enzyme: provides mild and gentle exfoliation

pineapple fruit enzyme: contains bromelain, an enzyme which is effective in removing dead surface skin cells

goji berry powder: considered a super food, this powerhouse ingredient adds essential vitamins and minerals

mango powder: extremely high in vitamins A,C, and Beta Carotine. Also prevents dry skin and has shown to slow down formation of wrinkles.

This listing is for one 4 oz. glass and wooden spoon.

DIRECTIONS: Pour small amount of cleanser into the palm of your hands. Add a few drops of water to create a milky reaction. Massage into skin using circular motions. Rinse with water. Follow with toner, serum and moisturizer. Use morning and night.

* This product may produce some small clumps throughout time, it is still effective.

* Keep this product away from moisture and heat. Always close lid to prevent any humidity from getting inside jar.

Made with plant-based ingredients.
100% vegan.
Hand crafted in small batches.
Made with LOVE.

* Our products have not been tested by the FDA. We, Chanla Chau Cosmetics (Beauty by Chanla LLC) are not liable for any individual reaction you may have. Read our ingredient label carefully. If you are uncertain of allergies, we recommend performing a patch test. Discontinue use if any reaction occurs and ask your healthcare provider if you have any questions.

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